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Introduction to Upflow filters

Introduction to Upflow filters

In the process of in-depth granular media filtration, except during the backwashing method, the flow of water is in a downward direction through the filter bed. Although the Upflow of water during filtration do offers some advantage but it also has some problems too. In general, during the backwashing of the filter media the media is forced to get divided with the lightest and smallest materials gets towards the top of the filter bed and the largest and densest material gets towards the bottom of the filter bed. Sometimes, commercial kitchen grease trap installation and installlation septic tanks denver are also used for the process of filtration and drain cleaning denver co is used for their treatment. The upward filtration allows the media’s capacity for the storage and collection of solid particles which will be later exploited.

  • Immedium filters: The immediate filters were first invented in the Netherlands in the 1960s. The key feature of medium filters is that it includes a simple metal grid which is used across the filter bed below the top of the sand around d15 cm below. Due to the presence of a grid, the initiating of the breakthrough of the particles present in water gets delayed. The grid helps the sand to stay compact. It also delays the localized penetration of flow which gives the water some time to find out a path through the sand which has the least resistance.
  • Biflow filters: The flow filers were developed for the purpose to use them instead of medium filters. The “Bi” in the Biflow indicates the flow of water for filtration in two directions. A small portion of the water flows from the top of the filter bed in the downward direction and the left large portion of the water flow from the base of the filter bed.
  • Buoyant media filters: Unlike medium and bi-flow filters, the sand is not kept compacted in buoyant media filters. In this type of filter, the medium is kept buoyant and is maintained in the filter by straining the mesh which is above the media. The majority of the time, the plastic material is chosen to be the medium, and therefore its density is quite low.
  • Moving bed filters: Unlike all the granular media filters that we have discussed above, the filter media in moving bed filters is moving continuously so that the filtration does not get interrupted by the backwashing of the sand. The sand present in the filtration zone starts moving downward due to its own weight against the upward flow of water which is being filtered.
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